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Caution is still required for winter driving in mild climates

Now that winter is here, you can finally look forward to hot chocolate, warm scarves and – an increased risk of car accidents? Unfortunately for you and other Californians, winter weather often means drivers are likely to slide, skid and spin when the weather turns bad.

The often overlooked dangers of nursing

There are many dangerous jobs. When most people think about a dangerous workplace, though, they think of heavy, sharp equipment and battling natural elements. Jobs like logging, fishing and oil rigs come to mind. In truth, nursing is one of the most dangerous jobs across the country.

Keep the last swims of the summer safe

Summer is coming to a close. Your kids are amped-up to squeeze in as many summer activities as they can before school starts back up. They want to soak up the California sun and have fun. This may mean that they want to squeeze in as much time in the water as they can before homework takes over. You have taught your kids about water safety, but with the end-of-summer buzz, it is the perfect time to remind the whole family. You don’t want your kids or those supervising them to become complacent and have an accident.


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