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August 2017 Archives

Safety tips for composting operators

California workers who are involved in composting operations have guidelines for safety from the Solid Waste Association of North America. The series of publications called 'Five to Stay Alive" from SWANA has been updated to its fifth installment, which focuses on safety for composting workers.

Keep the last swims of the summer safe

Summer is coming to a close. Your kids are amped-up to squeeze in as many summer activities as they can before school starts back up. They want to soak up the California sun and have fun. This may mean that they want to squeeze in as much time in the water as they can before homework takes over. You have taught your kids about water safety, but with the end-of-summer buzz, it is the perfect time to remind the whole family. You don’t want your kids or those supervising them to become complacent and have an accident.

Researchers question safety of water pipe repair method

When a sanitary or storm sewer line breaks in California, utility workers need to get it fixed, and they often turn to the cured-in-place pipe repair method. A research study published in Environmental Science & Technology Letters now raises serious concerns about the chemical plumes released during the procedure.

Survey on OSHA rule updates

California employees who are concerned about workplace safety may be interested in the results of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Recordkeeping Standard and Electronic Submission Survey that took place earlier in 2017. The survey reveals how companies are coping in reaction to the recordkeeping rule updates that are to be issued by OSHA. It also details the tools companies may use for assistance with the electronic submission of records.

Workplace fatalities among older workers twice the rate of others

The Baby Boom generation appears to have abandoned the traditional idea of retiring around age 65 -- or they can't afford to do so. For whatever reason, the government estimates that older workers will make up 25 percent of the labor market by 2024.


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