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Keep the last swims of the summer safe

Summer is coming to a close. Your kids are amped-up to squeeze in as many summer activities as they can before school starts back up. They want to soak up the California sun and have fun. This may mean that they want to squeeze in as much time in the water as they can before homework takes over. You have taught your kids about water safety, but with the end-of-summer buzz, it is the perfect time to remind the whole family. You don’t want your kids or those supervising them to become complacent and have an accident.

When your kids go to the pool

  • Go over swimming techniques. Talk about treading water, how to float and ways to maneuver in the water.
  • Remind them to swim with a friend. A buddy system can be helpful in crowded areas and different water depths.
  • Go over proper ways to enter the pool. Remind them that feet first is best and to only dive when the pool area is deep enough.
  • Make sure to stress that there should be no rough-housing or running at the pool. Rough play can easily result in accidents, even when both parties are playing along.
  • Provide your child with proper safety equipment. Tell your child to use approved safety vests or floatation devices when needed. The person supervising should have quick access to a phone in case of emergency.

When your kids go to the Ocean

  • Remind your children to only swim in designated areas, near lifeguards and with a buddy.
  • Go over the possibility of rip currents and how to react if they find themselves in one.
  • Have your child test the water temperature before going in. You know the ocean can vary in temperature, which can contribute to dangerous swimming conditions.
  • Caution your kids about inshore holes. They can be surprised by the sudden drop-off which can cause panic and danger.
  • Remind your kids about the power of waves and breaks.

As always, you will want to remember sun protection. Encourage your children to apply and re-apply sunscreen throughout the day. Make sure they do this properly and include dry-time if the bottle specifies it is needed. Check the weather before allowing your children to swim. Lightning and other weather hazards can make swimming incredibly dangerous.

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