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Blind spots in the workplace

California residents who work at places like loading docks or giant fulfillment warehouses may be aware that there are blind spots in their work areas. They may also know that navigating the heavy equipment used to move around products can result in collisions when the equipment is used in the areas with insufficient visibility.

Despite the safety measures that are in place, there is still a likelihood of collisions because none of the protocols are failsafe. Vehicles like forklifts emit warning sounds when they are placed in reverse; however, even those loud sounds can be drowned out by noises that are common inside and outside of busy work areas. It is also not unusual for employees to get so used to the warning sounds while working in a noisy facility that they ignore them.

Industrial safety mirrors and domes can be used to overcome blind spots. They are an economical and reliable approach to safety in the workplace with breakage-resistant and weather-ready properties. They can also be tailor-made to directly address workplace safety needs.

Numerous factors have to be considered in choosing the right kind of convex mirror. They may include the vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows, the layout of the intersections, the kind of vehicles that are used in the work area, the presence of inclement weather and if the mirror can be easily attached to a certain type of surface.

People who sustain workplace injuries due to unsafe working conditions and policies may have legal recourse. A personal injury attorney may work to ensure that injured clients receive the workers' compensation benefits that are commensurate to their injuries. This includes clients who are injured in restaurant industry accidents, factory accidents, construction mishaps or farming accidents.

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