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Making workplace safety simple and effective

Employers in California and throughout the country should aim to make their safety programs as easy to understand. Although legal departments may want to cover as many issues as possible, having too many rules may make it difficult to make decisions. Instead of creating rules, it may be easier to establish principles that guide decision-making processes related to employee safety.

Ideally, employers will teach workers to make good decisions. While safety may mean different things to different people, asking employees what they think safety means may help to get at those core principles. For some, safety means slowing down as rushing to get a job done can be the cause of an accident. For others, safety means thinking through an action before following through.

While not thinking or rushing to get a job done may result in an accident occurring, it doesn't fully explain why the accident happened. If proper planning takes place, workers may be able to get a job done both quickly and safely. If workers don't have proper training, they likely won't know how to plan ahead to avoid taking dangerous actions at work. Therefore, employers may want to focus on those areas when it comes to keeping people safe while on the job.

Workplace injuries may result in temporary or a permanent disability for a worker and lost productivity for the employer. Employees may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits to help them pay medical bills and make up a portion of their lost wages. Benefits may be offered on a temporary or permanent basis depending on how long an employee is out of work. An attorney may be able to help workers file claims, and assist in getting a client's request for benefits approved.

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