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The often overlooked dangers of nursing

There are many dangerous jobs. When most people think about a dangerous workplace, though, they think of heavy, sharp equipment and battling natural elements. Jobs like logging, fishing and oil rigs come to mind. In truth, nursing is one of the most dangerous jobs across the country.

Nurses work with a wide variety of people in high stress situations, which increases exposure to physical confrontation and escalated behavioral issues. In addition, they frequently lift and move people and equipment, work on their feet and respond to high-pressure situations. Assault is an unfortunately common cause of injury, but strain and exertion-related injuries are very common in the industry as well.

Meeting the physical demands

A recent article in the Washington Post explores the conditions nurses face. While they’re lauded for their health-protecting measures, the level of confrontation requires an ability to take criticism—which often extends beyond the legal limits into assault and other physical crimes. The article discusses how angry patients (and family members) shove, spit, bite and even stab their medical assistants. The Post reports that 75 percent of nurses have been abused on the job.

Abuse by patients is more dramatic and headline grabbing, but nurses experience a wide variety of job-related injuries. OSHA statistics note that the country’s top workplace injuries come from day-to-day tasks. Overexertion, slips and falls, and equipment-related injuries are the leading causes of workers’ compensation claims across the US. With all of the daily lifting and moving in a nurse’s job, it’s common to have back pain and other injuries from standard tasks.

Compensation and recovery

Workers’ compensation isn’t just for accidents where equipment malfunctions or somebody trips and falls. It’s for any work-related injury whether it was a horrific patient incident or a daily chore. If your job causes an injury, you should receive compensation to help recover and return to work.

Because the paperwork can be challenging and unfamiliar, many injured workers seek help from an attorney to make sure they fill out and file their workers’ compensation claims correctly. It may help to resolve the issue faster and with a more accurate estimate about the extent of your injury. To do your job, you need to be fully healthy, mobile and ready to meet the next challenge. Workers’ compensation provides an outlet for recovery while protecting your job status.

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