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December 2017 Archives

Workplace fatalities rose by 7 percent in 2016

Figures from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reveal that workplace accidents claimed the lives of 5,190 workers in California and around the country in 2016. That number represents an alarming 7-percent increase over the 2015 death toll and is the most workers killed since 5,214 lost their lives in 2008. Workplace safety advocates say that the rise in occupational fatalities indicates that more government oversight is needed because many of the deaths occurred in lightly regulated industries.

How Sodexo plans to improve worker safety

In November, the North American branch of Sodexo, the food service and facility management corporation, participated in the 2017 Safety Leadership Conference in Atlanta. There, company representatives discussed the ways in which they could create a strong safety culture and further their corporate initiative called Ambition 2025. This could be of interest to business owners in California, especially those in the food industry.

Meat and poultry workers experience a culture of fear

California residents and others who work in meat or poultry plants may be hesitant to tell OSHA about problems that they face on the job. This is mostly because those workers are afraid of losing their jobs or other forms of employer retaliation. That was one of the main takeaways from a study done by the U.S. Government Accountability Office and was released on Dec. 8.

2017 Top Ten OSHA violations list

OSHA violations can be quite serious; especially considering violations can result in employee injuries or even death. In November OSHA released their top ten violations from the 2017 fiscal year.

Working safely in the cold

California residents who have jobs that require them to be outside for the majority or all of the time should know what to do to prevent illnesses or injuries when the weather turns cold during the winter. Limiting exposure to the cold by taking a 15-minute break in a warm area for every hour of work is one rule workers should follow. Being properly dressed is another.

Thousands of workplaces failing to meet fall protection rules

People in California whose jobs involve being on roofs, working on scaffolds, using ladders or walking near heights do not always receive adequate safety training for fall protection. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued over 6,000 citations to employers for violations in that category from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.

Caution is still required for winter driving in mild climates

Now that winter is here, you can finally look forward to hot chocolate, warm scarves and - an increased risk of car accidents? Unfortunately for you and other Californians, winter weather often means drivers are likely to slide, skid and spin when the weather turns bad.


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