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2017 Top Ten OSHA violations list

OSHA violations can be quite serious; especially considering violations can result in employee injuries or even death. In November OSHA released their top ten violations from the 2017 fiscal year.

A new entry made the list this year which was not ranked in 2016.


Fall protection: Failure to guard edges or having open sides that do not prevent workers from falling is a violation. 6,072 fall protection violations reported in 2017.

Hazard communication: Failure to correctly identify hazardous chemicals and lack of a written hazard communication program are both violations. 4,176 hazard communication violations reported in 2017.

Scaffolding: Violations included lack of access to scaffolding or absence of guardrails. 3,288 scaffolding violations reported in 2017.

Respiratory protection: Failure to have a written respiratory program and failing to conduct medical examinations for employees who use respirators are both violations. 3,097 respiratory protection violations reported in 2017.

Lockout tagout: Failing to ensure machines are property tagged, shut off and not able to be restarted until maintenance or service work is completed is a violation. 2,877 lock tagout violations reported in 2017.

Ladders: Violations include improper use of ladders and unsafe equipment. 2,241 ladder violations reported in 2017.

Powered industrial trucks: Forklift violations include untrained and non certified forklift drivers and machines in need of servicing. 2,162 forklift violations reported in 2017.

Machine guarding: Violations include lack of guards to protect employees from sharp points, flying debris and sparks. 1,933 machine guarding violations reported in 2017.

Fall protection training requirements: This was not on the 2016 list. Failure to train employees exposed to fall hazards is a violation. 1,523 fall protect violations reported in 2017.

Electric wiring methods: Violations include improper use of extension cords and decorative lighting hanging for more than 90 days. 1,405 electrical wiring violations reported in 2017.

Most of the items are readily fixable and easy to identify from a simple jobsite walkthrough. Taking a few moments to review the list could prevent injuries in your workplace.

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