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How Sodexo plans to improve worker safety

In November, the North American branch of Sodexo, the food service and facility management corporation, participated in the 2017 Safety Leadership Conference in Atlanta. There, company representatives discussed the ways in which they could create a strong safety culture and further their corporate initiative called Ambition 2025. This could be of interest to business owners in California, especially those in the food industry.

The human factor being all-important, representatives of Sodexo have stated that their focus is less on strategies and work activities and more on changing habits in day-to-day work and interactions. Personal behaviors contribute to the work culture and shape it, which is why a "zero harm mindset," as the North American branch's vice president puts it, is essential.

Sodexo plans to invest in the training of workers for hazard identification, management, and prevention. Another goal is to integrate health, safety, and environment into everything the corporation does, including how it recruits employees, buys, sells, and operates. They also know the importance of having a single, global health and safety standard that can be adapted to local regulations.

For Sodexo, the most important thing to remember is the P and Ls of safety: not profit and loss, but rather people and lives. Among the aims of Ambition 2025 are to improve employees' quality of life, reduce operation costs, and increase value through innovation.

Even when a company follows the safety regulations, though, workplace injuries are a possibility. The food packing industry is especially known for high injury rates. Regardless of whose fault it was, victims generally have the right to file for workers' compensation benefits, and they might want to have an attorney's assistance when preparing the required claim documentation.

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