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"Walking Dead" faces maximum fine after workplace death

California fans of "The Walking Dead" may be interested to hear that the television show's production company was fined over $12,000 by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration for unsafe working conditions that OSHA ruled were the cause of a stuntman's death in July. The maximum fine allowable by law was imposed by the workplace safety regulatory agency after it issued a "serious citation" for allegedly failing to adequately protect the stuntman from falling hazards.

The production company behind "The Walking Dead," Stalwart Media, released a statement insisting that the company protects all employees from work-related injuries and was still "considering" how it would respond to the citation. OSHA requires cited companies to pay the fine within 15 days or appeal the decision and fine.

The stuntman died after falling 22 feet head-first onto concrete after trying to grab a railing on the set, according to witnesses. He was supposed to fall the distance onto a layer of boxes nearly 2 feet thick, a layer of portable toilet pads and another large pad. He landed on the concrete just inches from the landing pads.

Reports stated that the deceased appeared to want to abort the fall, grabbing the railing and striking a balcony, which sent him falling upside-down to his death. An actor present at the time of filming said that the stuntman admitted to being nervous about the height he was to fall, stating that he had never done a falling stunt from that high up.

Workplace injuries or deaths are all the more tragic when they might have been prevented by employers. People who have suffered or lost loved ones through negligence or unsafe working conditions may benefit from the help of an attorney with experience in workers' compensation.

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