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February 2018 Archives

4 hazards of working as a restaurant server

There are many hidden dangers to working as a restaurant server. One danger is all the stress that often accompanies the job. One study found that waitressing was more stressful than working as an architect or doctor. Part of this comes down to the immense workload often placed on servers without all the societal admiration that comes with being a doctor. 

Study links mental health factors to women's work injury rates

In California, and around the country, statistics show that male workers are more prone to injuries than female. However, a new study suggests a strong link between women's work injury rates and the presence of mental health conditions like fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression, a link that does not generally exist among men.

The benefits of lane departure warning systems

Just 6 percent of the new vehicles on sale around the country come equipped with lane departure warning systems as standard equipment. Studies have found that such systems can prevent accidents and save lives in California, but researchers have also discovered that drivers often switch these potentially lifesaving devices off because they find the beeps they make irritating. While lane departure systems are available as an option on most new vehicles for sale in the United States, they are often packaged in with other options or only available on more expensive trim levels.

Death of California tree worker results in fines

An investigation by Cal/OSHA after a worker died in a date palm orchard in Thermal concluded that the employer had not taken necessary steps to evaluate workplace hazards. Safety inspectors launched the inquiry after a bee swarm killed a 49-year-old man applying water to fruit. At least 30 bees stung him after he sprayed their nest, and anaphylactic shock ended his life.

Workplace injuries in California and what to do

In California, as with the rest of the country, there are certain types of occupations that pose a higher risk for injury than others. For example, construction workers face hazards ranging from heavy equipment to explosions. Restaurant workers may end up with cuts, burns or slip-and-fall injuries. Hospital workers can suffer from repetitive stress injuries and injuries to their backs and joints.


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