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4 hazards of working as a restaurant server

There are many hidden dangers to working as a restaurant server. One danger is all the stress that often accompanies the job. One study found that waitressing was more stressful than working as an architect or doctor. Part of this comes down to the immense workload often placed on servers without all the societal admiration that comes with being a doctor. 

From serious cuts to broken bones, there are a number of injuries servers can sustain while on the job. Workers' compensation can cover the medical costs, but it is important to be aware of the dangers restaurants can pose. 

1. Strains

Servers are on their feet for hours at a time. Throughout a shift, a server will need to lift heavy items, bend over and reach for objects. All of these repetitive movements can lead to sprains in muscles. The easiest way to circumvent these injuries is to learn the proper techniques for lifting and carrying out specific tasks. 

2. Slip-and-falls

Servers constantly need to be on the move. Walking fast and not being aware of surroundings can cause an employee to trip over something or slip on a puddle. Anyone working in a restaurant setting should wear nonslip shoes. Cleaning up any puddles or other obstructions on the floor is also critical for making sure no customers experience a slip and fall. A server may wear nonslip shoes, but a consumer may not. 

3. Burns

From hot trays to hot cups of coffee, servers constantly have to work around excessively hot items. One wrong movement could cause a server to accidentally spill liquids, resulting in severe burns. Wearing closed-toe shoes helps ensure servers always retain solid footing to decrease the chances of making a mistake while moving. 

4. Skin conditions

Working in a restaurant requires people to come into contact with an array of substances. Being allergic to one of the dishes could cause someone to have a dangerous reaction from coming into contact with the allergen. 

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