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What to do if you get hurt at your restaurant job

Working in the restaurant industry presents a variety of risks. If you work in the kitchen, you face the hazards of burns and cuts. If you work as a server in the dining room, you face constant stress and strain from lifting and carrying things all day long and working on your feet. Slip-and-fall injuries are common for all restaurant employees.

If you get hurt at your restaurant job in California, you can apply to receive workers' compensation, which is a state benefits program for injured workers. Learn more about how to move forward with your claim, and what to do if your employer creates difficulties for you.

Workers' compensation in California

California law protects injured workers with the workers' compensation benefits program. Every employer in the state must provide this coverage to his or her employees. The benefits are there to help you recover from your injury, paying lost wages for missed time at work as well as covering expenses from medical treatment for the injury. The first step you should take if you suffer an injury at your job is to report the injury to your employer. The law includes certain timeframes that employee and employer have to respect to collect benefits. As soon as you suffer an injury or become aware of your injury, let your employer know so that he or she can begin the claims process with the insurance company.

Employer responsibilities

In addition to carrying workers' compensation coverage for employees, employers must file a report with the state after you report your injury to file for your benefits. State law requires your employer to provide you with medical care. However, some companies do not follow the law and even go so far as to discourage their employees from filing for benefits. Some employers may even threaten their employees with retaliation, such as termination, if the employee tries to file a claim. This is unlawful, and you should not tolerate these threats. The law protects your rights.

Restaurant industry injuries are a common part of working in food service. If you suffer an injury in your job as a cook, server or other position in a restaurant, ensure that you safeguard your rights by pursuing workers' compensation benefits.

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