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July 2018 Archives

Why construction workers suffer so many back injuries

If you do construction work in California, your job likely requires you to lift, hold and carry heavy things virtually every day. Consequently, your back takes a beating whenever you go to work. It should come as no surprise to you that musculoskeletal disorders represent 25 percent of all work-related injuries, and back injuries represent 40 percent of these.

Groups want OSHA to issue heat standard for workers

A coalition of 130 worker safety groups is petitioning the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration to create a federal standard to protect workers from extreme heat. California, Minnesota and Washington have already implemented such standards.

Bad brakes on commercial vehicles threaten public safety

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance organizes annual inspection events to remove dangerous vehicles from the road and educate truck and bus drivers about the necessity of well-maintained brakes. During Brake Safety Week in 2018, commercial drivers in California can expect to encounter CVSA-certified inspectors who will conduct 37-step Level I inspections.

How to minimize workplace safety risks in warehouse environments

Safety issues are common concerns wherever heavy equipment is operated. Employees are prone to running into co-workers while navigating warehouse settings and using resources like rack intersections. That's why warehouse companies in California have to be particularly vigilant in reducing blind spots and taking 'close calls" seriously.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can effect workers in many industries

Carpal tunnel syndrome often leads to a lessening of grip strength because it causes the muscles in the hand to shrink. The syndrome itself is caused by pressure on the median nerve, which travels through a space in the wrist named the carpal tunnel. This tunnel runs along the whole length of the arm and into the hand. Repetitive movements like typing on a keyboard or other wrist motions can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers in California whose jobs require repetitive wrist motions should take steps to avoid developing carpal tunnel syndrome.


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