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Carpal tunnel syndrome can effect workers in many industries

Carpal tunnel syndrome often leads to a lessening of grip strength because it causes the muscles in the hand to shrink. The syndrome itself is caused by pressure on the median nerve, which travels through a space in the wrist named the carpal tunnel. This tunnel runs along the whole length of the arm and into the hand. Repetitive movements like typing on a keyboard or other wrist motions can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers in California whose jobs require repetitive wrist motions should take steps to avoid developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Among the steps that can be taken are keeping the wrists straight while working at a keyboard, avoiding extending or flexing the wrists repeatedly, arranging workplace activity to maximize comfort and positioning the hands correctly while at work. Bakers, hair stylists, cashiers and assembly line workers are all prone to carpal tunnel syndrome.

In severe cases, carpal tunnel can lead to a slowing of nerve impulses, loss of coordination and lack of feeling in the hands and fingers. It may even lead to a loss of hand function and permanent muscle damage. Treatments include medication, lifestyle changes, surgery and immobilization. Taking more frequent breaks and reducing the repetitive activity are examples of lifestyle changes that might be helpful.

In a case where a person has suffered work-related injuries, an attorney may be able to help. Legal counsel with experience handling workers' compensation cases might examine the facts of the case for potential claims or draft and file documents to initiate the process. If a claim is denied, the lawyer could assist with the appeals process.

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