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How does your service job rank in terms of risk for injury?

Service professions are prevalent throughout Southern California, from wait staff jobs and healthcare workers to housekeeping. Unfortunately, service industry professionals are often disproportionately affected by on-the-job injuries, due to the physical nature of their work.

Some service jobs put employees more at risk for injury than others. If you are wondering where your type of job ranks in terms of injury hazards and potential injuries, learn more information.

Higher-risk industries

California on-the-job fatality rates are actually lower than many other states nationwide; in fact, the state was the fourth lowest in 2015-2016 federal statistics. That is partially due to the fact that California's job mix includes a lower rate of the highest-risk industries, such as manufacturing and energy production. In addition, staffing at more dangerous jobs is at historically low levels. 

In terms of service-providing industries, California's Department of Industrial Relations released statistics for 2016 showing that among all service-providing industries, those with the most non-fatal injuries were in the category of "education and health services," followed by "leisure and hospitality." Therefore, health workers such as nurses suffer more on-the-job injuries than many other service sector professionals, as do those who work in the hospitality industry. For example, service professionals such as servers may experience more slip-and-fall injuries than workers in other jobs, due to the nature of their position in which they must constantly pass in and out of the kitchen, where dropped food and drink can lead to slippery floors.

Solutions for on-the-job injuries

If you suffer an injury at work, you need to report it as soon as possible to your employer. This will allow you to begin the workers' compensation process. Employers in California must carry workers' compensation insurance to cover medical bills and lost wages in the event of a serious on-the-job injury. Do not underestimate your injury. Let the medical professionals evaluate your condition and prescribe the appropriate course of treatment. Neglecting your injury could lead to a more serious long-term injury or condition.

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