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September 2018 Archives

Construction workers face dangers on the job

Construction workers in California can face a range of hazards every day on the job that put their lives, health and well-being at risk. In 2016 alone, almost 1,000 workers were killed in fatal construction accidents at their worksites. Only 6 percent of the population works in the construction industry, but over 20 percent of workers in the private sector who lost their lives at work was part of the industry. However, according to research, over 60 percent of those deaths were preventable. There are several workplace safety issues that contribute to the dangers that construction workers face on a daily basis.

Preparing outdoor workers for winter weather

Employers in California should know that even when the winter is mild, it takes more than a simple reminder about wearing gloves and hats to keep outdoor workers safe. Before winter even arrives, workers should be prepared and have the right mindset. Employees differ from each other in stamina, nutritional needs and physical needs, and these must be taken into account.


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