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The dangers of working on or near scaffolding

If you are one of the many people across California who earn a living working on a construction site, you may understand just how dangerous your job as a construction worker can prove to be. While you face numerous work-related risks every day due to the nature of your job, some of the most notable include risks associated with working on or near scaffolding.

Steps restaurant owners should take after an employee injury

Employees need to be aware of their rights after they suffer an injury. To draw attention to the safety problem, they need to file a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and file a request with the employer to make the restaurant safer for all workers in the future. 

4 hazards of working as a restaurant server

There are many hidden dangers to working as a restaurant server. One danger is all the stress that often accompanies the job. One study found that waitressing was more stressful than working as an architect or doctor. Part of this comes down to the immense workload often placed on servers without all the societal admiration that comes with being a doctor. 

Workplace injuries in California and what to do

In California, as with the rest of the country, there are certain types of occupations that pose a higher risk for injury than others. For example, construction workers face hazards ranging from heavy equipment to explosions. Restaurant workers may end up with cuts, burns or slip-and-fall injuries. Hospital workers can suffer from repetitive stress injuries and injuries to their backs and joints.

2017 Top Ten OSHA violations list

OSHA violations can be quite serious; especially considering violations can result in employee injuries or even death. In November OSHA released their top ten violations from the 2017 fiscal year.

The often overlooked dangers of nursing

There are many dangerous jobs. When most people think about a dangerous workplace, though, they think of heavy, sharp equipment and battling natural elements. Jobs like logging, fishing and oil rigs come to mind. In truth, nursing is one of the most dangerous jobs across the country.

Keep the last swims of the summer safe

Summer is coming to a close. Your kids are amped-up to squeeze in as many summer activities as they can before school starts back up. They want to soak up the California sun and have fun. This may mean that they want to squeeze in as much time in the water as they can before homework takes over. You have taught your kids about water safety, but with the end-of-summer buzz, it is the perfect time to remind the whole family. You don’t want your kids or those supervising them to become complacent and have an accident.


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