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Bad brakes on commercial vehicles threaten public safety

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance organizes annual inspection events to remove dangerous vehicles from the road and educate truck and bus drivers about the necessity of well-maintained brakes. During Brake Safety Week in 2018, commercial drivers in California can expect to encounter CVSA-certified inspectors who will conduct 37-step Level I inspections.

The benefits of lane departure warning systems

Just 6 percent of the new vehicles on sale around the country come equipped with lane departure warning systems as standard equipment. Studies have found that such systems can prevent accidents and save lives in California, but researchers have also discovered that drivers often switch these potentially lifesaving devices off because they find the beeps they make irritating. While lane departure systems are available as an option on most new vehicles for sale in the United States, they are often packaged in with other options or only available on more expensive trim levels.

Caution is still required for winter driving in mild climates

Now that winter is here, you can finally look forward to hot chocolate, warm scarves and - an increased risk of car accidents? Unfortunately for you and other Californians, winter weather often means drivers are likely to slide, skid and spin when the weather turns bad.

Data shows more deaths on Thanksgiving than other holidays

There's a reason why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns drivers to stay safe on the roads every Thanksgiving: this day may be the most deadly holiday of the year. Residents of California should also know that it's a fatal day for many with heart conditions.

Shift work leads to drowsy driving even on short commutes

Night shift work is an unavoidable part of some California industries. In fact, more than 9.5 million people across the U.S. work a night or rotational shift. Studies have shown, though, that disrupting the sleep-wake cycle in this way leads to serious problems like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It also leads to drowsy driving.


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